Saturday, 15 October 2016

How Can We made cardboard Storage System

If you live in a temporary residence and still feel the need to have an organizational system in place, use available cardboard boxes to build a storage system. WikiHow proposes that you seek out local stores for boxes, or you can order cardboard boxes online. Essentially, your system is composed of four long boxes (drawers) that will be placed in one large cubic box which serves as the compartment. After assembling the box structure, cut out a square at the end of each box so that you can easily see inside the compartments. Additionally, label the boxes for ease of locating your items. The article suggests that heavier items should be stored on the bottom shelves and smaller items should be placed in tennis ball canisters. This is a great inexpensive storage system that is particularly useful for transient residents and those who frequently relocate.

It  worries me how often and easily people tend to get rid of cardboard boxes. Then they go to department stores and buy plastic ones to store different things. I understand the need to put everything in order at home, but why cluttering it with artificial materials!?

You would have probably said: because it lasts longer, and it is easier to clean, and you’d be right. Even though it is so, I personally prefer using as many recycled stuff as I can. The more natural something is the happier I am. Actually there are some pros of cardboard boxes being so fragile and easy to break, namely you can have newly designed storage box each and every month!

There are many creative ways of reusing cardboard, toys, cat’s cubbies, photo backgrounds and more, but this time I will show you how to make a storage box with just a piece of fabric and some glue (not only it’ll look awesome but also be stiffer and more resistant).

Unfortunately, the website I have found this Fabric Covered Cardboard Storage Box on is in Belarussian , so we’ve tried to translate this easy guide for you, and also show all the pictures provided by

Hope it will inspire you to reuse more cardboard and old fabrics that clutter your house. Use your imagination to ornament it, maybe you’ll find more spare items o recycle! Share it with us on our facebook, as always we’d appreciate it.

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