Saturday, 15 October 2016

How Should We Write Address On Envelope

Delivery speed and reliability depend to a large extent on how carefully you write your recipient's address. That's why the quality of service also depends on you. It's simple to play your part: just follow these few recommendations.


Avoid using decorative, ornamental, script or condensed fonts.
The weight, i.e. the "thickness" of the letters should not be too light or too heavy.
Use a single font for the whole address.
The minimum font size should be 8 point or above; 10 to 12 point is ideal.
Characters and lines should not touch each other.
Recommended fonts: Arial, Century, Courier, Mangal, Raavi, Tahoma, Tunga, Verdana.

Only write in the address area

Write the address carefully

Align the address to the left.
It should consist of a maximum of 6 lines.
Spacing between lines must be normal: do not leave too much space between two lines.
Do not underline anything.
Write the postal code clearly.
Use the correct layout.
Do not add unnecessary information to the address: if the recipient has a PO box or a bulk user code, do not repeat the details of their actual geographical address.
For less common numbering such as 6/8 rue des Bains, we recommend to only use the first number, i.e. 6 rue des Bains.

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